Slap on Some Sunshine

Picture 28 Spring officially started this week and I am so excited because it is my favorite time of year. The days stay lighter for a little bit longer, the air has just a hint of warmth, the sweet smell of blooming flowers wafts around, and you can hear summer whispering in the winds. I start to dream about sliding my pretty pedicured feet into open toed sandals and sipping lemonade in a cotton sundress. Spring is also my favorite time because there is an explosion of color! From red, orange, and purply (it is a word, just go with it) flowers to green grass and fresh ripened fruit…this is the season for color.

I am fortunate enough to live in a region of the country that has pretty mild weather year round, and I am so thankful for that…especially coming off a work trip to NYC where the skies dumped buckets of snow on me as I walked in a desperate search of any hot beverage. I died a little inside thinking I might have to buy some sort of snow appropriate footwear I would never wear again. Even now this late in March my poor friends on the east coast are still having to bust out their puffy jackets and waterproof shoe options because of fresh snow. I’m sorry is all I can say, seriously sorry.

The only way I can think of to deal with that sort of craziness is internet shopping. I have found some fantastic jewelry in vibrant spring colors that I hope will pick up your mood when you are staring, I mean, glaring at that wool coat  you still need to wear. When you think that you cannot put on a scarf one more time wear one of these pieces as a reminder of what lies ahead: sun, fun, cocktails on the patio, skirts, flip flops, and OUTDOOR PICNICS…it is coming soon, I promise. In the meantime let’s will the good weather to come sooner by flashing the colors of the season.

Picture 19

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