Mailing Love Notes

March has been cray cray with a capital C, that is how you know I’m serious…ALL CAPS MAKES IT SERIOUS! I went to New York, then I came home for a week, then I went back to New York, then I came home, then I left again 3 days later. Right now I think I am in Santa Cruz, at least that is what the welcome packet in my hotel says.  I feel like my life has been a blur of planes, laundry, and really bad impulse airport food choices (did I just eat an entire pizza from Sbarro?!).  Somewhere in there I finally got an iPhone, that I still don’t know how to work, and am terrified of turning into that person who has white headphones permanently implanted in my ears.

So I am sorry this post is coming a little late but I am so excited to share with you what the March 30 day resolution is! First let me start off by saying I am a self-proclaimed card junkie. I buy and hoard them until I have an actual reason to send them to people. One of my favorite stores in LA is Sugar Paper LA, I spend lots of money there on the regular, I love the idea of taking time out of my life to hand write a note. The flip side of this act is I totally get to make someones day with surprise mail! As an adult surprises are few and far between so  finding an impromptu letter amongst bills and grocery ads is the best way I can think of to make someone smile.

This is what March is all about! Sending one piece of mail every day (except Sunday because there is no mail delivery) that is a total surprise and handwritten with love. It is so easy and I am loving the reactions from all of my letter recipients, it reminds how interconnected this crazy world  is and how the smallest act of giving and kindness has tenfold results.

Who would you write a surprise letter to? Want to get in on my letter writing action? Message me your name and address on my brand spanking new Facebook Page (you could like it while you are there too, if you want) and I will drop some love in the mail for you!

This could be on it's way to you!
This could be on it’s way to you!

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