No Dairy Aint Scary

2013 is the year of 30 day resolutions for me and in February I gave up dairy in an event that will be forever known as Feb-No-Dairy. I had serious concerns that giving up dairy would give me the milk shakes or the cheese sweats or just make me impossible to be around because I would be in an ice cream deprived depression, but you know what? Totally not as bad as I thought it would be. If I won the Oscar for best actress in a non dairy documentary these are the products I would thank in my speech for helping me make it through:

Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart

In general I am not a huge mayo user but I do love a good tuna or egg salad sandwich and vegenaise had my back in February. It is creamy and tangy just  like mayo but also covers all the “frees” : gluten free, dairy free, cholesterol free, egg free, GMO free, and has low saturated fat to boot! I’m hooked for life, go and buy this for your refrigerator right now.


Coconut Milk Greek Yogurt by So Delicious

I don’t know what else to say about this product except please wear a hat when you eat it because it has the potential to blow your freaking mind! I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day so I try to make healthy choices that require the least amount of effort in terms of preparation so I usually end up dumping yogurt over granola or making a smoothie (that I also use yogurt in). This yogurt made all of my breakfasts possible, i tried a couple soy yogurts and other coconut milk yogurts but the consistency was really watery and just made me think “that aint right”.”  This Greek style yogurt is thick, creamy, and smooth just like the real deal. I can highly recommend the vanilla and the strawberry flavors and my only gripe is that the grocery store I shop at didn’t carry it in a large size so I had to buy a bunch of individual servings.

CoCo Milk Greek Yogurt

Coconut Milk Ice Cream by So Delicious

Again, wear a helmet because your brain will not be able to handle the flavors of this ice cream. I am not sure how So Delicious did it but they have made a whole range of ice cream flavors that are entirely dairy free but are not grainy or overly sweet. The peanut butter chocolate and the chocolate chip cookie dough flavors were my fave and lasted about 2 days in my freezer. The So Delicious is a little more expensive than regular ice cream but So worth it for anyone that is avoiding dairy. Don’t deny yourself ice cream, that is just rude.

Coco Milk Ice Cream

I know what you are wondering now ( also known as I’m going to tell you anyway), what will the month of March be? March will not be about eliminating something from my life it will be all about making someone’s day with one small action every day. I also need to stock up on stamps, more on that soon..promise.

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