What I learned from the Oscars: Jennifer Lawrence is My Spirit Animal

Last night the 85th Academy Awards happened here in Los Angeles. I put on my finest (read as bedazzled) elastic waistband pants and tricked my boyfriend into thinking the red carpet pre show was actually part of the real telecast. In case you have a job, or a life, or a Walking Dead addiction and missed the 4+ hours of self-congratulatory back slapping here were my fave moments:

1. When Kristin Chenoweth greeted Anne Hathaway on the red carpet with  a “Hey Girl!”

2. When Joseph Gordon-Levitt  (we are totes close so I just call him JGL) did this photo bomb

source: imgur

3. When JGL wasn’t photo bombing


4. All of THESE awkward Ryan Seacrest moments

5. When Jennifer Lawrence fell walking to the stage and we all gasped and then hashtagged our feelings #OMG #fallingbutstillwinning #shelooksgoodevenwhenshetrips #gurlbetrippin

source: imgur

6. When Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman demonstrated that tuxedos are great sprinting gear and why they are  irresistible to all women and many gay men…and straight men (lets keep it real, the word “bromance” exists for a reason)

source: imgur

7. When Jennifer Lawrence gave this post Oscar  interview and I realized that she is my spirit animal and probably the best drinking buddy/BFF a girl could have

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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