Today is February 1st and the dawning of a new month-long resolution.  I know you all are some smart cookies and have probably figured out from the post title what is getting the boot this month: dairy! After doing a little reading online (everything on the internet is true, right?) I found a pretty good definition of what “dairy” is:

Dairy products are generally defined as food produced from the milk of mammals

This means I can’t eat all my favorite foods. Goodbye  CHEESE, see you in March ice cream and fro yo, it’s been nice knowing you on bagels butter and cream cheese, cappuccino you would never taste the same with almond milk.

This definition does mean I can still eat eggs and I have the opportunity to discover a whole new world I don’t delve into often: vegan-ish. Upcoming posts will be about how I salivate thinking about grilled cheese but also my reviews on dairy alternatives, this is where you come in beautiful friends, I need suggestions! coconut milk yogurt? soy yogurt? favorite cheese alternative? Holler at a girl (you know “hey girl hey!) in the comments and let me know your favorites.

This is going to be a long month, i love cheese like loooooooooooooove cheese. Here is to becoming a better person through self-control. Wish me luck lovelies

Is there such thing as the dairy shakes from withdrawal? that might happen soon


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