2013 is here, get it together

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I am a resolution maker so I love this time of year. I’m motivated by goals, challenges, and people who say “you can never…” so every year I like to look back and see what i checked off the list (yes I have a list), the act of crossing something off  is the best feeling in the world for me. Sometimes I makes lists that look like this: “wake up, brush teeth,get dressed in something besides workout clothes, make coffee..” just for the satisfaction that solid line through words gives me. I am pretty realistic about what I want to accomplish in the next 363 days, with the exception of having Anderson Cooper’s love child (it could happen), and this year I have decided to interpret resolutions a little differently – 30 days at a time.

Instead of making broad goals (work out more, drink less alcohol, read more) I am going to challenge myself to be a better woman with specific goals in 30 day increments. I’m starting with something relatively easy: going cold turkey with alcohol in January. So to all my LA friends this girl is ready to be the DD for brunch, shopping, happy hour, wedding showers, or just watching the return of The Bachelor next week. I haven’t decided what the rest of the months will involve but am tossing around all kinds of ideas like no TV, no packaged foods, no social media (that might kill me), try a new workout regimen, cook all my meals at home, etc. Most of these are aimed at pushing me out of my comfort zone or helping me refocus my energy. I will be writing about my 3o day experiments for a few reasons:

1. So you can all hold me accountable and publicly ridicule me if I give up or cave. I would also welcome any words of encouragement.

2. Because I will probably have some good (read as embarrassing and/or funny) experiences that come out of each month

3. To hopefully inspire some of you to push further and attempt something everybody told you was “impossible” or would “never” happen. I put those words in quotations because I hate them, a lot…don’t let someone else decide your fate before you have tried (it is also really awesome to cross the “impossible” off your life list)

If you have ideas for my 30 day resolutions I would love to hear them!

Here is to a new year, a new chance, a new opportunity. 2013 is my year…and yours

One comment

  1. Perfect! I’m learning how to brew beer at home for 2013 and my first test batch will be ready in February. Just in time for you to be drinking again and can taste it! Be forewarned, I have no idea what I am doing and therefore do not get your expectations bar set too high, probably knee level should be good.

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