The Girl I Would Go Republican For

In case you haven’t heard Barack Obama was elected to a 2nd term here in the US . As a woman, minority, marriage equality loving Obama supporter this makes me happy. As an American I am rather unhappy with how we have all been behaving post election. I understand and respect the stages of losing: disbelief, anger, denial, blame, and finally acceptance. It is time people…trust the democratic process, be proud that you live in a country where you can vote, and lets all get behind our president so we can get some shit done. America is not red or blue anymore, we are team purple:

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You see friends, there is a little red and blue in all of us.  The day after the election I was watching Anderson Live, mainly just for his dreamy blue eyes, and his co host was Meghan McCain….yes John McCain’s daughter.  I kept watching because I was interested to hear her reaction to  Mitt Romney losing and  hear her talking points on why she supported him (more so if it involved simply towing the GOP party line or if she actually believed in what he stood for).  I was not ready for the statements that came out of her mouth:

“The people that are telling me right now that we should have Rick Santorum or an extreme conservative running next time, what are you taking about? what are you smoking? Because we keep losing, and I don’t want to keep losing because I love this party”

I thought, OK so she knows the party needs to evolve to keep up with how the US voter demographic is changing and kudos  for realizing that extreme conservatism is not the way to America’s vote.  But then it got more interesting:

“if you are a woman and don’t really pay attention to politics but  see rape being discussed on television that is going to have an impact on your vote and Republicans really need to take a hard look at what we are doing and what kind of message we are putting out”

And then my head almost exploded. Who is this rational sounding person defending women’s rights and critiquing the Republican party that she loves so much? Is she courageous, insane, still drunk from drowning he sorrows the night before over the election outcome? Maybe all of the above…but I was hooked and wanted to hear more.

On Marijuana Legalization:

“I’m a huge advocate for marijuana legalization”

“If I want to smoke weed responsibly it is nobody’s business”

“the economic benefit is amazing the amount of money we are spending on putting people and keeping people in jail for having small amounts of marijuana on them is ridiculous”

When it was pointed out that this was not a traditional stance that Republicans usually have on this issue her response was “I don’t care”

Yes, yes, YES! Meghan, I’m with you…dare I say agree with you?  Me..agreeing with a red? Is that possible? what is going on here? And then this happened…

“(I’m) happy to see marriage equality get passed in America and hope the trend keeps on growing”

WHAT?! Gurl you have a newly converted purple American….and twitter follower. Looking forward seeing you on the political stage in the future

Watch the full interview here

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  1. Now you need to read Ms. McCain’s book, Dirty Sexy Politics. I would loan it to you, but it’s on my Kindle. This middle-aged die-hard Dem. is a fan.

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