Halloween as a Childless Adult

3+ years ago I spent my first Halloween as a California resident in West Hollywood. For those of you don’t know, West Hollywood is full of beautiful people, bottomless champagne brunches, and rainbows (yes the gay rainbow)…it really is the stuff that dreams are made of, or at least mine.  Halloween in West Hollywood is an insane circus of sensory overload and fun. One of the main streets is shut down to traffic and is reopened as a walkway, or runway, for some of the most fabulous and creative costumes:

Yes ladies, that is 3 men dressed as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes designer hand bags. Nice gams right? Anyway, I obviously had the time of my life but have not been back since. It wasn’t really a conscious decision, I was out of town for work the next couple years and was supposed to be again this year. Maybe that is all you need though, 1 unforgettable stroll down Santa Monica Blvd where everyone is dressed in some sort of drag.

At this point in my life I have graduated from the sexy (insert noun here) costumes, going out to a crowded bar/club just sounds annoying, and I don’t have any kids or kids I could borrow to take trick or treating. So this year my boyfriend and I spent the evening with our friends who live in a family friendly neighborhood and we played games, drank wine, and “awwwwwed” over all the tiny captain Americas and Princesses that cam to the door. You bet you ass I dressed up though:

What else did you expect me to be? Sadly though I am retiring the unicorn costume this year. Unicorns are getting too hot, how do I know? When something becomes really popular it gets overexposed and copied and then there is copies of the copy. So last year there was sexy unicorn costumes floating around but the nail in the coffin for this costume was this year when I saw sexy unicorn ZOMBIE! It is a thing, look at the picture below, and it probably costs like $250.00.

photo credit: Life Unsweetened

So I’m open for suggestions, what should I be next year? AM I too old to dress up?  Did you dress up and go out or keep it low key? What should be the age cutoff for “sexy” anything costumes? Can I still eat as much candy as I want and not be judged if I’m not wearing a costume?

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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