Oh Running, That is What I Was Supposed to do Tonight

I’m writing this check in because I need someone to yell at me. I should be in week  6 of the running program I was so pumped about. Instead I hit an obstacle at week 3, it was called summer.

It was hot, seriously hot, like all I want to do is lay here on the wood floor in front of this fan eating popsicles in my bathing suit hot. Before all of you who live in places where  the temps get a lot steamier than LA start yelling I don’t have AC, just fans moving hot air around my 2nd floor apartment that gets a lot of sun. When I’m hot I want to go to the beach and swim in the freezing cold Pacific, eat anything that does not require turning on the stove (ice cream social anyone?), and take naps. You might notice running was not in there at all, yeah so that happened.

I wanted to run, I did, I just had zero energy and root beer floats sounded like a lot more fun…I’m human, I’m weak, but I’m not sorry.  Newsflash: I’m also not perfect. Instead of wallowing about missing a few weeks I picked up today right where I left off.  I’m also happy to report that temps have dropped back down to levels where I can use the oven and won’t unintentionally turn my apartment into a sweat lodge. Week  3 I hope you are ready because I am going to OWN you!

Next Post on running will be about how I can’t run because it gets dark too early now.



One thought on “Oh Running, That is What I Was Supposed to do Tonight

  1. I did something similar, everytime it was hot just decided to wait for better weather. Last 2 10k race days have been on very hot days though, so wish I’d done a bit of practice in the heat!

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