I call this look Airport Chic

I am traveling to Boston this weekend for work which means at 6:00am this morning I was standing in LAX looking like a sad, undercaffinated zombie. I would like to take a moment and pat myself on the back for fitting 3 pairs of shoes, 6 outfits, toiletries and all my various electronics and chargers in carry on. OK, back to looking like a zombie.

For me personally traveling is never glamorous. Traveling means anxiety about what to pack (after I check the 10 day weather report a minimum of 12 times),  never getting my airport timing right: if I show up early there is no line at security and I have an hour to kill before my flight boards (just enough time to make absurd airport purchases..”I have been looking for a neck pillow I can warm up in the microwave!”) . If I show up late the line for security is a million people long and all act as if they have never been in an airport before. Lastly, traveling means I will have to select an outfit I can comfortably sit  in for hours on end that does not resemble a snuggie.

What I want to be traveling in:

What I should be traveling in as a professional adult:

I usually fall somewhere in between in jeans, some sort of cotton shirt, and a cardigan (good for keeping you warm and putting over your face for sleep privacy). This is the most effort that I can put into a travel outfit, and really its not a complicated ensemble to put together.

I have to confess I  am so confused by the trend sweeping airports all over the US: people over the age of 16 wearing pajamas or workout clothes to fly in. I know, it’s early. I know, it’s really cozy…thats why you sleep in it! I know, it’s easy. But really in the end you put on a shirt, pants, and shoes – kind of like jeans and a t shirt…it is the same amount of effort. Please people of America I am begging you: save the Lulu Lemon for the gym and save the flannels for snuggling in your bed with your favorite stuffed animal (or person if you are into that).

And if you ever fly NYC-LAX or vice versa step it up a little, who knows who you will run into at baggage claim. I’m always on the lookout for my boo Gosling…I’m pretty sure he is not into snuggies

Wishing you happy, safe, and frump free traveling

2 thoughts on “I call this look Airport Chic

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I always have a hard time picking up airport clothes and later end up wondering why I even worry about it when so many people wear sweats!

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