Your Authentic Self in 160 Characters or Less

I am a creature of change. I love living a life where every day is different. Different everything: people, cafes, cities, roads, states, airports, food…you get it. This is one of the reasons I take to social media so much, it is always changing. I can pop on to Facebook or Twitter (or instagram or tumblr or the blog roll…yikes!) and there is something new to feast my eyes on. Yes, some of it is cute baby animal pictures but some of it is really good, like pictures of the Mars landing (oops sorry if that was a spoiler for anyone), but I really appreciate all of it.

I was staring at my twitter profile the other day (@heygirlhill in case you wanted to follow) and was really over my “About Me” section so as a constantly evolving person I decided it was time for a revamp. Then I realized I only had 160 characters, not words, characters. How could I possibly encapsulate everything i stood for in 160 characters? I needed a plan and a focus and maybe a glass of wine. Then, like I do with most projects in my life, I started a list. I listed things I liked:

unicorns, cheese, fresh baked donuts, silly video chats in the middle of a work day for no reason, rainbow flip flops, oysters, umami burgers, that feeling right before an ocean wave breaks and engulfs you in cold salty water, wearing a hoodie in July because of the marine layer, my dog, my boyfriend, getting an entire airplane row to myself, sparkling water, finding money I forgot about in my pockets, my siblings, brunch, cake truffles from momofuku milk bar, fresh squeezed lemonade, anyone that can tell a joke or story really well

Ok, so I like a lot of things…that wasn’t even the full list!! I realized i needed to compartmentalize if I expected to be anywhere near 160 characters. I took a good long hard look at my list and put together some themes that included food, laughing, loving, and unicorns. I then realized i totally neglected a big community of people that make me laugh and love – my coffee peeps. So after a lot of rearranging and sighing and cutting and pasting and skype consulting I landed here at 89 characters:

“LA Girl, fan of coffeelebrities & unicorns, baked good lover, powered by champagne & hugs”

This is how I want people to know me, remember me, and talk about me when I am not there. Who are you in 160 characters or less?

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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