Coffeelebrity [cof-fee-leb-reh-tee]


noun, plural cof-fee-leb-ri-ties

1.(Specialty) coffee industry professional who is well known in the coffee community

2. Specialty Coffee Professional regularly featured on SPRUDGE

3. Kind of A Big Deal

Origin: After attending her her first United States Barista Championship in 2010 Maria Hill (aka SayHeyGirlHey) was left in awe of how many people would clamor to meet and snap photos of competing baristas and thus coined the term. Comes from the Middle English term celebritas (fame)

Example Sentences:

  • Did you see the newest photoshopped image of Stephen Morrissey on Sprudge? He is on there all the time,  such a coffeelebrity
  • Did you just get that order for free? You are such a coffeelebrity
  • Julie is so lucky she gets to hang out with international coffeelebrities

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