I’m a Runner-ish!

I decided that I wanted to stop hating running recently.  All of my friends that run love it  and most of them have pretty hot bods, so I have decided to give it another chance. Normally I would just throw myself back into it and try to run like 3 miles out of the gate. You see, in my head I will forever be 18 and it isn’t until bodily aches and pains crudely remind me that I am not 18 and I scale back on what I’m doing. So now that I am 30 I am making much more adult decisions ( you know, like swapping ice cream for fruit loops at breakfast) and have adopted a running program, this running program to be specific.

It is baby steps for people like me who need to be babied when it comes to hard physical activity that i hate. So I am on day 2 and happy to say I have not died, have no major aches or pains, and am really looking forward to building up my endurance. Who knows, maybe I will get super into it and run the NYC Marathon and happen to run into Ryan Gosling there and he will fall instantly in love with me and carry me across the finish line and we will get married, le sigh.

Are you a runner? I really don’t know what I’m doing and I could use some tips: running playlists, shoes, socks, other sweat wicking gear


6 thoughts on “I’m a Runner-ish!

  1. That is a good program to start with. When I first started running I used the Couch To 5K Program (C25K) and I went from sedentary to running 3 miles. It took me a little longer than the 8 weeks the program is planned out for, but that is because I was a little lazy back then.

  2. Hi! Thanks for posting this and good luck on your training program. I haven’t been running much since the beginning of the year and just started a new training program this morning. Who knows maybe we will both run our first marathnon soon! Sign up for a short race, it’s a great way to keep focused on your training plan!

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