S**t Memes We Can Do Better

Unless you decided to give up internet as your New Years Resolution (I’m just kidding no one would give up the internet!) you have seen some form of the S**t (insert some culture here) say meme. If you need to catch up really fast or need a refresher go ahead and peruse these

Once your head is ready to explode come back here and watch just one more, I bring you Shit People in LA Say:

As a resident of Los Angeles this meme annoys me for a few reasons that i will bullet point because I feel like that brings more validity to my points.

  • In the land where film and television was born this was the best production value that could be mustered up for this project?
  • In the city where you can run into a celeb at the grocery store, gym, gas station, pharmacy these ladies couldn’t find 1 celebrity or even quasi celebrity (think Real World, The Bachelor, Real Housewives cast) that wanted some face time?
  • We know traffic and parking sucks but no reference to the fact that everyone says ‘THE 10″ and “THE 405” ?

  • No name dropping scene as in “Oh I got an invite to Nicole Ritchie’s launch party for her diamond encrusted facial rejuvenation mask” with the then expected “who else do you think will be there?”
  • Also some sort of hippie/natural/vegan/dairy free/gluten free message should be addressed

We are Angelenos lets embrace all of our stereotypes especially the one where we make shit better than anything anyone in New York could produce – I know we can do it

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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