Resolution? That was soooo 2011

Ok. It is February 1st, which means time to check in on the promises you made yourself a month ago when you were blissfully blinded by too many glasses of champagne. I’ll go first:

1. Work Out More: I bought a 10 dollar workout DVD on Amazon, I got it a week ago, as of today I have completed the DVD twice. Number of desserts I have eaten since getting said DVD: 6. It’s a marathon not a race, right?!

2. Eat Better: I am proud to say I eat salads on a regular basis I am not proud to tell you that it  is out of pure laziness and not so much a healthy mindset. Chopping up veggies is so much easier than defrosting, sauteing, mixing, sweating, burning, cursing…oh wait, those last 3 are just me?

3. Watch Less Reality TV: change doesn’t happen overnight – stop judging me

4.  Use the word “like” less when talking: This one is getting there but I can’t be responsible for how many likes come tumbling out of my mouth after a few glasses of wine.

Now it’s your turn, how did you add up? Are you still drunk tweeting? texting your ex? biting your nails? tanning? Let me know – we are in this together!

Hey Girl, what do you say?

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