Oh Hey It’s my First Post

2015-12-30 12.42.00-1

Let’s make this quick and easy so we can get on to all the great stuff I have to share with you in the coming months/weeks/until I realize no one is reading this and it turns into a public diary and I  start hoarding cats and my friends make me stop blogging.

Five Fun Facts (trust me that is more than you need to know):

1. I have an unhealthy relationship with reality TV and 24 hour cable news.

2. I have a sailor mouth. I will try to reel it in on here or use cute characters to mask not cute words, I f*&%ing promise

3. I have lived, loved, and worked in the following cities: Tempe,Arizona, Long Beach, California, Los Angeles, California, and Sacramento, California (not ever planning on leaving the west coast).

4. I’m a hugger, it freaks out people that are non-huggers. I want you to feel good about yourself all the time and for me a hug says hey girl – you are special get over here.

5. I am 100% an introverted extrovert


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